012-001My name is Cynthia Talbot Froehlich.   I am a member of St. Matthew’s Catholic Church.


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  1. Thank you for being. I read your “Only” post this first morning of 2016, and it was just what I needed to hear. It resonated with every fibre of my being. Then I subscribed to your newsletter, after copying every word of your essay into my journal plus the quote from Thomas Merton. I then read your bio. We have a lot in common as well. I just completed an e-course by Cynthia B. on the wisdom teachings of the Desert Fathers, for advent. I would like to attend a Wisdom School, but I am rather isolated here in central West Virginia. It is good to have at least online companions and teachers on this journey.

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  2. Thank you, Susan! It’s nice to meet you. Have you looked at Cynthia’s website, Contemplative Society? I think she does workshops at Friends of Silence in Harper’s Ferry sometimes. You might check her calendar or theirs. I went to grad school in southern Ohio, so I had a chance to spend a little time in western WV. It’s gorgeous!!


  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I will check out Friends of Silence. I have looked at Cynthia’s website. For some reason I did not get that confirmation email for the notofications of new posts, etc. Just letting you know if you need to send it again.


  4. Hi Susan! My site is not showing you as a follower of this blog. If you have a WordPress account, you can check your Reader and click on blogs you’re following to see if this one is there. If it’s not, come back here and try to follow again. I added another widget for following via email which I didn’t realize I’d left off. That’s for folks who don’t have a WordPress account, or if you do, I guess. But if you do see this blog in your Reader, click the arrow to the left of the name and a drop down will show up where you can look to see if your email notices are turned on. I hope one of these options works. WordPress is completely in control of the email, not me, so I can’t fix it myself. Isn’t technology fun?!


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