Being Buckets: A Prose Poem

bucket brigade (3)

Whoever drinks what flows from my mouth will come to be as I am,
And I also will come to be as they are,
So that what is hidden will become manifest
~~~~~Gospel of Thomas, Logion 108

We are obliged to carry buckets, those of us who have been to the river, those of us who know how to find the river.

We are obliged to make buckets of ourselves, and fill ourselves with water from the river of Life – the Living Water – and carry it  out into the world, to the dry thirsty places.

We are obliged – those of us who have found the Source, who have paid attention, who have become empty and spacious with witnessing the Holy – to make of ourselves buckets, new wineskins, and carry ourselves to where we are needed and pierce our hearts and let the water flow.

We will become streams and brooks and pools and oceans, and the divine life will flow through us – we who are no more who we thought we were and who have a diamond-bright hole in our hearts where God pours out.

We who have learned how to stand apart, and set our camp here where the two seas meet.

She becomes like an open doorway from the Absolute down to creation. Such a human being becomes a link of love between the worlds.

~~~~~Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, For Love of the Real, p.11